Miraculous water for a flat belly (RECIPE)

This agua fresca is reminiscent of the classic mojito, except this version has no alcohol and is very healthy. If you´re looking to get rid of belly fat, you will love it!!

Banana and oatmeal smoothie

Oatmeal is a favorite of all, so enjoy it in this delicious smoothie that is key to burning belly fat.


Fat burning green smoothie

Cucumber, apple and cilantro are just a few of the ingredients that make of this monster green smoothie my favorite by far! You might get addicted though 🙂

Spinach and banana green smoothie

Enjoy the many benefits of spinach thanks to this amazing smoothie that, mixed with banana guarantees a miracle if what you´re looking for is vanishing belly fat FAST!

Detox oatmeal water

This oatmeal water has to be the most popular weightloss recipe in our site. Este agua de avena. Try it and tell us how much you´ve seen your waistline since day one.

Blueberry and kale smoothie

Kale goes amazingly well with blueberries and pinneapple as you will see in this recipe that has been known to be miraculous in terms of weight loss.

Cucumber and lime agua fresca

This refreshing agua fresca is not only really low in calories, but it is IDEAL for those, like me, that are dying to have a flat belly by the hot summer months. It´s easy an delicious!





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